EL ES DE Engineering offers a range of products. Our diverse capabilities allow us to provide off the shelf solutions or adapt a product to suit your individual needs.

EL ES DE has supplied goods and services to a broad range of markets in Western Australia over the last 10 years. Ranging from mining, oil & gas and infrastructure but a uniqueness in the supply of bespoke and complex mechanical systems and products with advanced technology requirements. Form humble beginnings of 3 university students in a tiny workshop, the company has grown and developed into a medium-sized innovative company with engineering, fabrication, painting, testing and installing capabilities. Research and development of new products has been a core of EL ES DE’s strategy over the last few years.

Industry Experience

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Builder
  • City
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Government
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining
  • Misc
  • Oil & Gas
  • Processing
  • Retail
  • Sea
  • Sport
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General Products
Lifting Equipment
Oil & Gas
Subsea Engineering
  • Equipment Skids
  • Oxy Lift Frame
    Oxy Lift Frames
  • 40t Lifting Beam
    Lifting Beams & Spreaders
  • Pump Guard Model
    Pump Guards
  • Compressor Cold Air Intake Kits
    Compressor Cold Air Intake Kits
  • Forklift Spreader Tines
    Forklift Spreader Tines
  • Custom Designed Lifting Equipment
  • Pivoting Sheave
    Umbilical Sheave - 12 Tonne SWL
  • Offshore Umbilical Reeler
    Offshore Liftable Umbilical Reeler - 91mm
  • Two Persons Workbox
    Two Person Workbox
  • Adjustable Lifting & Spreader Beams
  • Horizontal Plate Clamps
    Horizontal Plate Clamps
  • Cyclone Weather Station
    Harsh Environment Equipment Stations
  • Concrete Block Stand
    Heavy Load Stands
  • Oxy Acytylene Trolley
    Oxy Acetylene Lifting Trolleys
  • C-Hook Close Up
    C-hook for Jack Pipe Lifting
  • Athletics Ramp - Decline Runway
    Decline Runway - Adjustable Athletics Ramp
  • Offshore Liftable Umbilical Reeler - 54mm
  • Cathodic Protection Test Point
    Cathodic Protection Test Point
  • Actuator Change Out Skid (ACOS)
  • Pole Vault Plant Box
    Pole Vault Plant box
  • Hockey Goals
    Hockey Goals
  • Aviation Nitrogen Trolley - Bottle Replace
    Aviation Nitrogen Trolley
  • aviation oxygen trolley
    Aviation Oxygen Trolley
  • 16t Cable Drum Stand
    Cable Drum Stands
  • Baba Yaga House Art
    Baba Yaga House
  • Minegrub B-Series
    Minegrub B-Series
  • High Capacity Train Unloader