Lifting Equipment

EL ES DE Engineering can design and manufacture a custom lifting device for your specific requirements.


A number of options exist when considering a custom designed lifting solution with each having its own inherent advantages and disadvantages.

Consider the following factors when approaching EL ES DE Engineering for a lifting solution.

  1. 1. Overall Cost – Complex designs will be more expensive
  1. 2. Headroom – Spreaders require more headroom than single lift beams due to the sling angle
  1. 3. Stability – Spreaders are more stable than single lift beams and less sensitive to out of balance loads
  1. 4. Easy of Use – easy and simple translates to safe
  1. 5. Working Load and Usage cycle – a high WLL beam that is used frequently will be different to an equivalent low use beam

custom-lifting-deviceThe custom lifting device shown here had several requirements that dictated its design.

  1. Had to be stored away after use, hence it can be completely dismantled
  2. Had to support 4 point or 2 point lifting in two configurations
  3. Had to be light weight

Download the lifting equipment specification sheet, fill it out and return to us for a competitive quote.

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Lifting Equipment
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