EL ES DE Engineering specialises in rapid turn-around fabrication, welding, machining and manufacturing whilst maintaining the highest standard of workmanship.

We are able to offer this service because we have at our disposal:

• Experienced and qualified welders, boilermakers and other tradesmen
• State of the art technology in both our fabrication equipment and CAD capabilities
• Ability to write and qualify welding procedures as well as utilise our own existing pre qualified procedures
• Workshop facilities and layout which enable us to do all this safely

The use of 3D modelling software allows us to generate profile cut shapes and retrieve dimensions in-house, directly from a 3D model. This significantly reduces lead times during the fabrication process. By being involved in the early stages of project design and manufacture, we can provide feedback to our clients as to the most cost effective way to design welded parts.

All projects undertaken are available with complete Manufacturer’s Data Report ( MDR ) which contains material certification, welder qualifications as well as non-destructive testing ( NDT ) and paint reports.

Our personnel are very capable of adapting their skills to any new process. EL ES DE Engineering has the capacity to write and qualify welding procedures to weld any weldable metal such as carbon steel, stainless, aluminium and alloys of these. Utilizing the MMAW ( Arc ), FCAW ( Flux Core ), GMAW ( MIG ) and GTAW ( TIG ) welding processes.

Currently EL ES DE Engineering personnel are competent in numerous pre-qualified weld procedures, as well as more specific one-off welding procedures. Some examples of recently visited procedures include:

• 4140 to AS3678-250 Plate
• 6G 316 Stainless Steel Pipe
SAF 2205 Super Duplex Pipe
• GR300+ Structural Members to AS3678-350 Plate with low temp impact testing
• AS3678-350 Plate in FCAW in 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G positions to both AWS D1.1 and AS1554

Our involvement in fabrication for the resource sector constantly exposes our personnel to the rigors of non destructive examination and testing ( NDT ) and QA checks. Our team thrives on the challenge of completing tasks on time, whist fulfilling all relevant quality and inspection criteria.

What all this means for you, the valued customer, is a fabrication project that will not only be faster to completion, but also of high quality and meet all the relevant standards.