EL ES DE Engineering offers a wide range of advanced services in the field of metrology and inspection.

We utilise a state of the art, light weight, FaroArm CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) with an accuracy of up to 20 microns, giving us the flexibility and portability to provide our services at your site.

CMM Inspection & Measurement

Inspection & measurement is utilised in a broad range of industries as part of the design and engineering process, to capture 3D data of existing parts or to inspect complex free-form shapes where conventional techniques are not possible.

Inspection and measurement covers a broad range of services including quality control, condition monitoring, part inspection to GD&T, first article inspection, as-built documentation and many more.

At EL ES DE Engineering we can provide ways to inspect and analyse your part, including physical part to 3D CAD model comparisons, or physical part to 2D drawing comparison.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is a process where a physical part or complex shape is digitised to create a CAD model. Ultimately using this CAD model to re-engineer, update or add to the original design. Alternatively, the CAD models or drawings for the original parts may not exist and need to be re-created.

EL ES DE Engineering provides this service as well as complimenting it with its engineering design and manufacturing services to further aid you in optimising your designs and products.

3D Scanning – Digitising

EL ES DE Engineering also offers a 3D scanning service utilising our CMM technologies. Giving you the capability to scan in full 3D, complex shapes and geometries which may not be suitable for conventional CMM tools.

Contact us for further details of our capabilities and services.